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A Cinnamon Diabetes treatment has been found useful for Type 2 diabetes. While Type ii diabetes is caused by the consumption of toxic fats and oils, cinnamon may be used for controlling glucose level while implementing the "real" cure described here.

Scientists have been promoting cinnamon to those afflicted with Type 2 diabetes because it appears to have insulin-like properties. It may decrease blood glucose levels as well as triglycerides and cholesterol.

Cinnamon is considered safe when taken in recommended dosages, and it has few side effects.

Researchers from the Agricultural Research Unit in Maryland found this cinnamon diabetes treatment increased the ability of fat cells to respond to insulin, and greatly increased glucose removal. This was published in the New Scientist in August 2000. They think that MHCP found in cinnamon is the main reason for its beneficial results.

Researchers found that mice given MHCP had a dramattic reduction of glucose levels. They are confident that cinnamon will also work with humans, and they suggest that people with type II diabetes take a quarter to one full teaspoon of cinnamon per day.

Cinnamon is inexpensive and easy to obtain at your local health food store in powdered form, and has been used as an energizing tonic for a long time. Just add it to your milkshake or fruit juice.

It would be a good idea to inform you doctor that you are taking cinnamon, as it may affect your medicine dosage if you take medicine.

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