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Diabetes complications can be avoided with strict blood sugar control. Type 2 diabetes is caused by consumption of toxic fats and oils, and cured with natural ones. There are herbs shown to be effective at regenerating the pancreas beta cells of Type 1 diabetics.

Diabetes Complications

Avoid the complications of diabetes by regulating your blood sugar. But since Type 2 diabetes is caused by consumption of toxic engineered fats and oils, it is easy to cure by consuming natural versions, so do that.


Diabetes can cause eye problems that can lead to blindness. Diabetic retinopathy is a deterioration of the small blood vessels that supply blood to the retina. Although diabetic retinopathy is serious, only a small percentage of people with it go blind.

Blurred vision is one effect of diabetes. Changes in blood sugar levels can cause changes in the fluid balance in the lens of the eye, affecting its ability to focus images. 


The Kidneys remove waste products from the blood and eliminate excess water. Diabetes can damage the kidneys, reducing their ability to filter out waste products, and also cause them to fail.


Diabetic neuropathy, or damage to nerves, is a very common complication of diabetes that affects about 70% of people with diabetes, and occurs in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Constant high blood sugar destroys the nerve fiber (axon) and the fatty insulation that surrounds it (myelin). This results in the loss of sensation, hypersensation, or pain.

Changes in sensation can start in the toes, and move up the feet and legs. Numbness, burning, tingling, dull ache, or stabbing pain and cramping may be felt. Pressure from clothes can be painful to the skin. Foot ulcers can occur from the lack of sensation and continued walking on injured feet.

Heart Disease

People with diabetes have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Cramping and angina can occur due to decreased blood flow due to blockage.

Feet and Legs

Changes in blood vessels and nerves in the legs and feet results when vessels become clogged due to fatty deposits, which reduce blood supply to these areas. Diabetic neuropathy dulls the nerves, can be extremely painful, and may make a person less sensitive to pain, and foot injuries may go untreated and become infected. Reduced circulation caused longer healing time, and a small injury can progress to an ulcer. Problems with the legs and feet can cause life-threatening problems that can require amputation if not treated early.


Periodontal disease, an inflammation around the teeth and gums, can result from bacterial buildup on the teeth and gums due to infections.


A person with high blood glucose will urinate frequently; the body attempts to dump the excess sugar. This will result in excessive thirst. A person could become weak, confused, or unconscious. The persons lips will be dry, the pulse will be rapid, and breathing will be shallow. His hands and feet will be cold.

If a person with diabetes takes too much insulin, this will result in too low blood glucose (hypoglycemia); the person will feel shaky, nervous, and weak, and may sweat, be hungry, and have a headache. If it becomes severe it can lead to unconsciousness. A person should eat something with sugar in it, not just fruit that digests too slowly.

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