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A type 2 Diabetes Cure involves removing toxic engineered fats and oils from your diet, and replacing them with natural ones.

If you follow the treatments promoted by the conventional medical establishment for type ii diabetes, you can expect your diabetes to get worse. You will be given drugs to treat the symptoms, but the underlying cause will not be touched, and the condition will worsen with time.

A diabetes cure involves treating the cause of the problem, which is the consumption of toxic engineered fats and oils, and replacing them with natural versions.

Type i diabetes is a different case. Cows milk and vaccinations have been indicted as possible causes in the destruction of the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin.

If damage to the pancreas, or other systems affected by diabetes, is not too severe, it may be possible to reverse the damage and affect a cure. Type i is more problematic because the cells of the pancreas have been destroyed, but evidence shows that some herbs are able to restore those cells. Type ii diabetes can be reversed by removing the toxic fats and oils, and giving the body the essential ones it needs.


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