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The diabetes information on this website explains Type 2 diabetes to be caused by toxic engineered fats and oils, and can be cured and prevented by consuming natural versions. Type 1 diabetes is linked to cows milk and vaccinations, and may have a cure.

The diabetes information from this site explains the cause of Type 2 diabetes. You can cure it by changing your diet, and if your systems have not been too damaged, you might expect a recovery in just a few months.

The change of diet involves replacing the toxic fats and oils in your diet with non-toxic versions. While you are doing this, you need to control your blood sugar so that you do not cause any damage. Herbs are suggested over drugs because they have a less tendency for side effects, and are at least as effective.

Since fats and oils are the problem, you will learn what fats and oils to buy, and how to store and use them so that you do not consume toxins.

You will be shown a diet that is good for your health, that will prevent cancer as well as diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is more problematic because cells in the pancreas that produce insulin have been destroyed. But there is evidence that these cells can be regenerated, and changes in diet can significantly reduce the need for insulin.

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