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The Diabetes Insight Shop is a well known website that provides conventional information on diabetes, but don't for a cure there. Diabetes is caused by toxic engineered fats and oils, and is cured by replacing them with natural versions.

Prior to 1900, diabetes was so rare it was considered a novelty. Today, about 15 million people suffer from it. This means that diabetes is an environment or lifestyle disease.

The rise in diabetes parallels the rise in processed foods. In order to increase shelf life, manufacturers removed the oils from the food because it would quickly turn rancid. However, these oils are considered essential, and without them disease will occur.

The body will attempt to substitute the toxic engineered fats and oils when the essential or needed ones are not available. You can expect insulin resistance and other unpredictable problems to occur. And, most oils on market shelves are rancid and will cause problems. The only oil that does not need refrigeration is olive oil; any other oil not in the refrigerated section should be considered inedible.

When you replace the toxic versions of fat and oil with the natural ones, you can expect to recover from diabetes in a few months, provided you have not cause damage to your systems.

Most websites, including the Diabetes Insight Shop, do not explain the cause of diabetes or how to prevent or cure it. You came to the right place; find it here.

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