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Diabetes Management for Type 2 diabetes means replacing toxic fats and oils, the cause of diabetes, with natural non-toxic ones. If your systems are not damaged you can expect a recovery in a few months. In the mean time you need to control your blood sugar so no damage is done. Type 1 diabetes can be improved with a change in diet, and damaged pancreatic beta cells might be restored.

This website promotes a cure as the proper diabetes management, and does not promote treating symptoms with drugs. If you follow the conventional medical symptomatic approach, you can expect your diabetes to get worse because the underlying cause is not corrected.

Prior to 1900, diabetes was so rare it was considered a novelty. Today, it affects 20 million people. I believe that toxic engineered fats and oils, due to food processing practices that remove essential oils from food, is responsible for Type 2 diabetes. It is a nutritional deficiency disease that can be reversed by consuming the natural non-toxic versions, and if your systems have not been damaged, you can expect a recovery in a few months.

Consumption of cows milk, and vaccinations, have been implicated in Type 2 diabetes. This is an auto-immune disease in which the body attacks its own cells resulting in the destruction of insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas. Research shows that some herbs may be effective in restoring the beta cells. In any case, a change in diet can reduce the amount of insulin required.

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