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Proper Diabetes Nutrition is the cure for diabetes, because the cause is the consumption of toxic engineered fats and oils.

This website promotes the consumption of natural fats and oils as the cure for diabetes. Diabetes was so rare in 1900 that it was a novelty. Today it affects half the US population.

Diabetes is a dietary disease resulting from a food industry's need to package food with a long shelf life. Fats and oils were removed from the food in order to extend shelf life, creating a deficiency of essential fatty acids.

Disease will be caused when you eat that which is not food, that which is not appropriate to your body type, that which is adulterated, that which is toxic, that which is deficient in an essential nutrient, or a diet that is acid reacting, over a long period of time. You can find out more about diet in general at Hidden-Cancer-Cures.com.

The question of what to eat has been answered by the book The China Study. This was a massive study, the results are based on observation, and not opinion. You would do well to follow its advice as far as nutrition, but if you just want the facts of diabetes nutrition, see the links below.

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