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Gestational Diabetes is diabetes in pregnancy. It may be the same as Type 2 diabetes, caused by consumption of toxic engineered fats and oils, and cured with natural ones.

Gestational diabetes is diabetes in pregnancy. It usually affects the mother in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy (24 - 28 weeks), and usually disappears after the baby is born. It affects about 4% of all pregnant women; nearly 135,000 pregnant women get it every year, making it one of the top concerns of pregnancy.

Once you have had it, your chances are two in three that you will have it in future pregnancies.

It does not cause the kind of birth defects sometimes seen in babies whose mothers experienced diabetes before pregnancy, but uncontrolled it can harm your baby. Your pancreas will work overtime to produce insulin, but the insulin does not lower your blood sugar levels. Although insulin does not cross the placenta, the glucose does, and your baby will have high blood glucose levels. The baby's pancreas will make extra insulin to get rid of the excess glucose which will be stored as fat.

This excess fat is called macrosomia. Babies with macrosomia may damage their shoulders during birth. The extra insulin made by the baby's pancreas may cause a newborn to have very low blood glucose levels at birth, and have a higher risk of breathing problems.

It may be the same as Type 2 diabetes

Gestational diabetes and Type 2 diabetes are patho-physiologically similar and involve insulin resistance. Of those identified, about 90% have a deficiency of insulin receptors before pregnancy, or a marked increase in abdominal weight. The other 10% do not produce enough insulin, and eventually develop Type 2 insulin dependent diabetes. This could indicate that both diseases have the same cause, namely the consumption of toxic engineered fats and oils and lack of essential fatty acids. The disease is not so advanced before pregnancy to show symptoms, but the demands of pregnancy causes the symptoms to appear.

While treatment should of course be under medical supervision, the cure involves removing the toxic fats and oils from your diet, and replacing them with natural ones. This substitution would not appear to cause any difficulty.

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