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Diabetes prevention for Type 2 involves replacing toxic engineered fats and oils in your diet, with non toxic natural versions. Type 1 diabetes can be prevented by not feeding infants cows milk, and staying away from vaccinations, both of which have been linked to diabetes.

This site explains the cause of Type 2 diabetes to be the consumption of toxic fats and oils, and diabetes prevention and cure involves replacing the toxic versions with natural non-toxic ones.

You don't need to change your diet much, even though the diet suggested might be a good thing to do for your health in general, it is even good for preventing cancer. But you do need to learn how to buy, use, and store fats and oils so that you no longer consume toxins. And you need to stop buying brands of foods that contain toxic fats and oils, and buy the non-toxic versions.

Type 1 diabetes has been linked to the consumption of cows milk, and vaccinations. It is an autoimmune disease. Prevention involves not feeding infants cows milk, and avoiding vaccinations.


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