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Diabetes Testing is used to diagnose and monitor glucose levels. Living with diabetes involves lots of blood tests, so it is better to prevent diabetes. Diabetes is caused by consuming toxic engineered fats and oils, and cured by  consuming natural versions.

Diabetes is diagnosed by doctors by measuring the blood glucose. In a normal person, the blood glucose remains constant. As blood glucose rises, the pancreases introduces insulin into the blood to cause the glucose to enter the cells.

A person with Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, so blood glucose rises. A person with Type 2 diabetes, insulin is produced but the cells do not respond to it, so blood glucose rises.

Diabetes Testing

Measuring urine glucose is not a good way to test for diabetes. The amount of blood glucose necessary before it appears in the urine is different for each person. High blood glucose may not produce high levels of urine glucose. However, urine testing is useful for measuring keytones. As they build up in your blood, they spill over into your urine.

Screening vs. Diagnosing

Screening is used to determine if a person with no symptoms has diabetes. It is inexpensive, quick, easy to perform, and requires only a drop of blood.

Diagnosis testing is used to confirm a diagnosis of a person suspected of having diabetes, based upon symptoms.  It involves taking blood from a vein, and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. Different types of tests are available: fasting plasma glucose test, random plasma glucose test, and oral glucose tolerance test.

Glucose Monitoring

If you have diabetes, it is important to monitor your blood sugar in order to prevent complications including damage to eyes, nerves, kidneys, and blood vessels.

Self testing is done by taking a drop of blood from the side of your finger with a special needle called a lancet. Then you either use a color chart and match it to the color of your blood, or you use a blood glucose meter.

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