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Juvenile Diabetes Symptoms; also known as child diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, and IDDM, it has been associated with the consumption of cows milk, and vaccinations. Herbal cures may be available, while change in diet can help.


Juvenile diabetes symptoms include:

Excessive thirst
• Extreme hunger all the time
Loss of weight for no apparent reason
Itchy skin
Fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, or drowsiness
Vomiting and nausea
Frequent urination
Blurred vision or other sudden vision change
• Fruity odor of the breath
• Rapid and hard breathing

A person with Type 1 diabetes who skips a meal, exercises too strenuously, or takes too much insulin may experience low blood suger, or hypoglycemia.

Symptoms include:

• Mood swing
• Dizziness
• Sweating

This can be controlled by taking sugar (jellybeans or glucose tablets are good) which is fast acting, followed by fruit which is slower acting and for that reason should not be taken first.

The role of the pancreas is to secrete a hormone called insulin, which ushers the blood glucose into the cells to be burned as fuel. A person with juvenile (Type 1) diabetes, his pancreas does not secrete insulin so blood sugar levels become high. The cells starve for fuel, so the body starts to burn fat; if excessive, byproducts known as ketones are created which can be dangerous in high amounts.

If untreated, diabetes can lead to complications including:

• Greater chance for infections
Damage to kidneys
• Damage to eyes
• Impotence
• Greater chance of heart disease and stroke
• Damage to nerves in the feet
• Poor blood circulation to the feet and legs which may lead to amputation

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