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This Type 2 Diabetes Diet is a cure for Type 2 diabetes. The cause of diabetes is the removal of essential fats and oils from our food, and their replacement with toxic substitutes. The cure is to consume natural versions.

The concept of the Type 2 Diabetes Diet is simple: Stop consuming toxic fats and oils, and start consuming the non-toxic natural essential versions. This is also the means of prevention for diabetes. Follow the recommendations on the fats and oils page. Also necessary is controlling blood sugar so that you do not cause damage to the body. As a recommendation for an all-around good diet that will also prevent cancer, see the nutrition for immunity page of Hidden-Cancer-Cures.com.

The Diabetes Diet and Cure page will give you the fundamental information you need when considering the proper diet, not just for diabetes, but for general health, and prevention of cancer.  You will find the proper amounts and types of oil to take to cure the diabetes, what foods to avoid, and which to consume.

And you will find alternative medicine natural products for controlling blood sugar that are free of side effects.

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